Through 40 years of experience Algotherm has acquired a unique and irreplaceable know-how in natural marine cosmetics, thalassotherapy and Spa. Inspired by the ocean, Algotherm cosmetic products use ingredients that are derived from various kinds of seaweed and enriched with active marine principles.

Algotherm -  a unique experience for your guests.

- Gentle Soap 25g
- Exfoliating Soap 45g

TUBES 33ml
- Bath Shower Gel
- Shampoo
- Hair & Body Gel
- Conditioner
- Body Cream

TUBE 15 ml
- Reviving Source Mask

 ECOPUMP 300ml
- Liquid Soap
- Hair & Body Gel

Biodegradable Material


- Shower cap
- Vanity set
- Paper tissues
- Manicure set
- Comb
- Sewing kit
- Shoe mitt
- Dental set
- Shaving set